Value Added Courses

Composition of Board of Studies for all Value – Added courses


1 Prof.M. Usha, Chairperson
2. Sri.J.S.Sudhakarudu, Hon. Secretary & Correspondent
3. Dr.K.Jhansi Rani, Principal I/c
4.  Prof.A.Nakula Reddy, Director, SFCs
5. CMA Dr. A.S. Durga Prasad, Past President of Institute of Cost Accountants of India, Independent Director of NCC limited
6.  Dr.V.Surya, General Manager, Rotomaker  Global operations
7. T.Sravanthika Reddy, Academic Manager, CMA Rotomaker Academy
8.  Mr.Vijaya Kiran Agastya, Co-founder & CEO, NextGen Learning and Consulting Pvt Ltd , Secretary, SIRC of Institute of Cost Accountants of India
9. Dr.A.Pramila, Associate Professor in Botany
10. Mrs.B.Ramani, Lect. in Computer Science
11. Mrs.V.Santhi, Assistant Professor in Commerce
12. Mrs.Shakuntala Jain, Assistant Professor in Management
13. Mrs. K.Lakshmi Sundari, EC member, DDMS (AMS)
14. Ms.P.Rajya Lakshmi, IQAC Coordinator
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