Knowledge Hub for Capacity Building

This hub provides an active learning platform. Students are engaged in enhancing their learning rather than passively receiving knowledge. Cooperative learning, problem solving, and project- based learning are active learning strategies.

Objectives of the hub


  • To provide Active Learning Opportunities for the intellectual capacity building of students
  • To augment learning through technology and engage in active learning
  • To embed technology resources into the learning and teaching practices
  • To provide an opportunity for students to identify topics, develop questions, plan inquiry, divide tasks, research information and share the learning process and content
  • Find relevance in and connections with what they are learning
  • Develop new, necessary skills and abilities to be successful in life
  • Empowers students to take ownership of their learning
  • To motivate students to explore individual interests
  • To develop a love for learning and become lifelong learners by providing  access to high quality learning material which includes audio visual lectures delivered by professions across the globe


Students interact with others to construct meaning from new ideas and concepts based on their background knowledge.

Students interested in pursuing online courses through NTPEL or Course Era or Swayam portals are permitted to use this facility with prior permission.

To meet this end the college provided a cubicle in the library in 2018, with 4 Computers with internet facility to begin with. Head Phones are provided to students so that they can listen to the lessons without disturbance. Teachers concerned guide the students in their enhanced learning process.

A register is maintained to note the information of the students visiting the knowledge Hub. In the register name of the student, roll number, class, the topic browsed and signature with date & time are maintained.

Evidence of Success

The college had arranged for a guest lecture on GST and announced a certificate course on GST.  Commerce students were given links to know more about GST through lectures online.  This resulted in about 22 students taking the certificate course. After the course they got job opportunity. But they decided to take up higher studies. This hub is also helping students to discuss on subjects in a detailed way. The response is very encouraging.

amscollegeKnowledge Hub for Capacity Building